Build your Real Estate website with MLS listings from your area

The MLS TurnKey Website or MLS Import WordPress plugin are the simplest & fastest RESO API solutions for real estate agents to publish MLS listings on their website. 

Solutions for MLS integration

TurnKey Website with MLS Theme

We manage your website so you can focus on SALES

$49 - billed monthly
+ $49 - one-time setup fee

  • Work directly with MLS - Properties are not stored on your database
  • Professional WordPress theme that you can customize
  • Hosting Included - You only need a domain name and RESO Api details from your MLS
  • Including Daily Cloud Backups
  • Including Speed Optimization
  • Including Uptime Monitoring and Security Audits
  • WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates
  • If you wish to change theme functions, technical support is available for hire
  • Setup fee covers all the work required to setup your hosting, WordPress, theme, MLS connection and pre-built template installation.

This service is the perfect solution for realtors who don’t want to waste time managing various technical aspects of a website. We handle all technical aspects so you can focus on doing business.

MLS Import Plugin

Import MLS listings on your website for advanced control

$49 - billed monthly
+ $99 - one-time setup fee

  • Connect to your MLS through Web API
  • We assist you to choose a compatible theme based on your needs
  • Import properties from your MLS into your Real Estate website
  • Show images from MLS servers for speed performance
  • Sync automatically modified properties in MLS with your website
  • Select what listing fields to import
  • Select which imported fields are private for site admin only
  • Sync and server images from your MLS for each property
  • Filter which and how many properties to import
  • Full Assistance to manage the import
  • One time setup fee covers all technical setup and we do everything for you

MLS Import plugin is an advanced solution for realtors who want to have full control over the properties displayed on their website, while working with one of the 4 premium compatible themes.

About Our MLS Tools

We do organic integration of MLS listings in your WordPress website, giving you the freedom to use the functions and design of your theme as you please

Direct Integration

MLS Theme & MLS Import publish properties from your MLS to your theme, and display images from your MLS server. You get full control over your listings!

650+ MLS Markets Coverage

We work with 650+ MLS markets from United States and Canada, and more are added daily. Contact us if you don't find your MLS.

Manage MLS Listings

MLS Import gives you full control over which listings to publish to your website. MLS Theme works with all MLS listings as it publishes directly from the MLS server.

Sync Listings Automatically

MLS Import syncs your published properties with the MLS listings changes hourly. MLS Theme works directly with properties from your MLS server.

Simple to Use

There is nothing technical for you to do, no matter what solution you choose! We assist with the installation, setup, and the overall functionality of the MLS theme or MLS plugin.

Based on RESO API Technology

MLS Theme and plugin are modern solutions to connect your website to MLS Reso Web API server. Forget the old IDX solutions based on RETS as these are obsolete.

No technical knowledge needed

Is MLS Import really that easy to use?

Yes, MLS Import is really easy to use. We help you import your MLS properties into your personal WordPress site (*check the list of themes we support to-date). Once properties are imported, they can be used just as if you would manually enter them. 

Flexibility & Reduced Costs

What makes MLS TurnKey service unique?

Our TurnKey Service covers all aspects. We install your site, we setup WordPress and the MLS Theme, import a pre-built template and handle updates, security issues, your website speed optimization and more. 

Mls wordpress Theme

TurnKey MLS Website vs. MLS Import

Turn Key MLS Website

  • Complete solution for MLS websites
  • No hosting required (hosting is included in the service)
  • MLS Theme is included in service. Plus, the theme can be customized
  • Security and Speed optimization are included
  • No control over Listings - We display what listings are in the MLS database, with the information saved in MLS. Listings are displayed via RESO Web Api, from your MLS database.
  • Images served from MLS CDN (they are not stored locally)
  • Managed Service - We handle your website and WordPress updates, and make sure it works smoothly.

MLS Import

  • Used to populate advanced real estate websites or software
  • Requires at least a medium host solution (you will work with thousands of listings)
  • Works only for WpResidence, WpEstate, Houzez and RealHomes themes which must be purchased separately. They can be customized, but with no technical support from our part.
  • Security and Speed optimization are Not Included
  • Complete control over listings, as the information is saved into local database
  • Images are served from MLS CDN (they are not stored locally)
  • We do not manage your website, but we debug and fix and problems caused by our plugin
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