The 7 Best Real Estate CRMs in 2024

In the dynamic world of real estate, where clients come in from all directions, staying organized is a top priority for busy agents. This is where a good real estate CRM can help you do your job better and sell houses faster.

When picking a CRM for real estate, you want one that’s easy to use, fits your budget, and has the tools you need. 

After carefully evaluating numerous CRMs, free and paid, we’ve selected seven free solutions that offer agents and brokers the solution to manage their businesses in 2024 efficiently.

These CRMs have unique features regarding user capacity, contact management capabilities, and available tools. Use the below details to find one that aligns best with the specific needs of your expanding real estate business.

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What is real estate CRM software?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a digital database that manages all communication processes related to clients and prospects. 

When integrated with an MLS website and IDX, a CRM system helps organize and track listings, automates lead generation, improves client communication, and personalizes service based on client activity and preferences, enhancing overall real estate business efficiency.

Real estate CRM keeps track of your potential buyers, conversations with clients, and communication with other agents, all in one place. 

Such a solution allows you to manage your real estate business more efficiently, whether reaching out to new clients, following up with potential buyers, helping after a sale, or keeping an eye on possible deals.

These applications usually have helpful tools like task lists, email, phone calls, text messaging, and clever automation features. 

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Why Agents need a CRM software

Real estate agents need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to stay organized and efficient. Here are the top reasons you need a CRM: 

Managing Relationships: A CRM helps keep track of clients, prospects, and interactions. It can help you stay in contact with future buyers. You will get all crucial details, such as follow-up calls, meetings, or important client preferences information.

Improved Communication: You can communicate more effectively with clients and prospects through organized emails, calls, or messages. This ensures timely responses and keeps clients engaged throughout the buying or selling process.

Time-Saving Automation: CRMs automate repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails or reminders, reducing manual workload. It will free up time and let you focus on high-value activities like closing deals or building relationships.

Enhanced Efficiency: With all information in one place, agents can efficiently manage leads, track sales progress, and access client history. A CRM will streamline the sales process and help you identify potential opportunities more effectively.

Increased Productivity: A CRM system reduces your time on tedious and repetitive tasks, so you can focus more on activities that make money for your business.

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Top seven free real estate CRM solutions 

There’s a wide array of CRM solutions out there, each with unique features and perks. When deciding on the ideal CRM, it’s important to consider factors like team size, budget, and what specific functionalities you need.

So, here’s our handpicked list of the top seven free CRM options:

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot is the best free CRM for lead management at the moment. It is known for its user-friendly interface and ability to seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, and customer service functionalities into one centralized platform.

This option stands out for valid reasons. Not only does their free CRM offer unlimited user access, but it also enables users to manage an extensive database of up to 1 million contacts.

The key features included in the free version of HubSpot are:

  • Unlimited users
  • Live chat functionality
  • Team and one-to-one email capabilities with templates
  • Health reporting for insights on email performance
  • Shared inbox for collaborative email management
  • Email scheduling, tracking, and notifications
  • Document management and scheduling tools
  • Reporting dashboard and deal pipeline for sales tracking
  • Custom properties for tailored data management
  • Integration capabilities with other tools
  • User management functionalities
  • Contact management and monitoring of website activity
  • List segmentation for targeted communication
  • Access to the mobile app for on-the-go management.

HubSpot’s free CRM for real estate is solid, but for extra features like calling from your dashboard, you’ll need to consider paid plans starting from $30 per month.

In the paid version, you can benefit from additional features, such as:

Marketing Automation: Advanced tools to automate marketing processes, including email sequences, workflows, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Sales Automation: Features for automating sales tasks, such as email sequences, follow-ups, and task reminders, to streamline the sales process.

CRM Customization: More extensive customization options for the CRM, allowing for creating custom fields, objects, and reporting tailored to specific business needs.

Advanced Reporting: Access to comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, providing deeper insights into marketing and sales performance with customizable dashboards and advanced metrics.

A/B Testing: Capability to conduct A/B tests for emails, landing pages, and other content to optimize conversion rates and improve marketing strategies.

Did you know?

Hubspot CRM is integrated into the WpResidence real estate theme. All contact forms will save messages into the piece CRM and your HubSpot account, simplifying the follow-up process for your leads.

Visti HubSpot

Zoho CRM – Free Edition 

Zoho free CRM is a version packed with contact and lead management tools, workflow automation, and basic reporting features that can streamline your business operations.

Here are the highlights of what the free solution offers:

Contact Management: This CRM allows users to efficiently organize and manage customer information. Users can store and access contact details, interaction history, emails, and tasks associated with each contact.

5,000 records: Zoho’s free CRM version allows you to store up to 5,000 records

Lead Tracking: Zoho CRM Free enables lead tracking from capture to conversion. It helps prioritize leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into customers.

Workflow Automation: The CRM provides basic workflow automation capabilities, allowing users to create automation rules for routine tasks, follow-ups, and notifications.

Customization: Users can customize fields, layouts, and modules according to their business needs. This customization feature helps in tailoring the CRM to match specific workflows.

Reports and Dashboards: Zoho CRM Free offers basic reporting tools to generate insights into sales activities, pipeline performance, and lead conversion. Users can create simple dashboards to visualize key metrics.

Email Integration: It integrates with email platforms, enabling users to send, receive, and track emails within the CRM interface. This integration helps maintain communication records centrally.

Mobile Accessibility: The CRM includes a mobile app, allowing users to access and manage customer data, update leads, and track activities while on the move.

Zoho CRM Free Edition is an excellent entry-level CRM solution catering to small businesses’ basic sales and contact management needs. 

It’s a good starting point for businesses looking to organize customer information, manage leads, and optimize their sales processes without incurring immediate costs.

The paid version of the ZOHO CRM starts at $20 / month and goes up to $65 / month. 

Visit Zoho CRM

Freshsales CRM 

Freshworks has recently relaunched its free CRM called Freshsales. It lets you manage many contacts and create easy workflows to stay connected with your customers at every stage of their purchase process.

Even better, it comes with a helpful chatbot to manage leads effectively, guiding you to the perfect time to initiate conversations. While not specifically tailored for real estate, Freshsales is a customizable option ideal for individual agents who prioritize nurturing their leads.

The free Freshsales Growth plan covers up to three users; beyond that, it’s a reasonable $15 per agent per month (paid annually). Plus, being part of the Freshworks family, it seamlessly integrates with other Freshworks apps like Freshmarketer and Freshchat.

Here’s what you get in the free version:

  • Up to 3 users
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Custom fields
  • 20 workflows
  • 2GB storage per user
  • Each user can have five different sales steps.
  • A user can send 500 sales emails each day.
  • Each user can send 250 group emails with personalized messages daily.
  • A chat feature for your website.
  • Connect with other software tools.
  • Up to 2,000 automated chat conversations.
  • Rank contacts based on importance.
  • Online forms for collecting information.
  • Keep track of visitors on your website.
  • Get help through email and chat.
  • Record and send voice messages.
  • Automatically save details of phone calls.
  • A standout feature is the AI-powered chatbot, which adapts to your FAQs and responses, sounding just like you. It serves as your inside sales assistant, engaging leads longer for better conversion rates.

The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it perfect for those who prefer a clutter-free setup.

Freshsales is a fantastic choice for individual agents due to its abundant features. As it’s free for three users and not real estate-specific, larger teams might find the setup more involved. Nevertheless, it’s a great option once set up, especially considering its cost-effectiveness.

Visit FreshSales

Bitrix24 Free CRM 

Bitrix24 offers a CRM that’s easy to tailor for real estate purposes. It’s great for keeping your team in sync, especially with its handy project management tools. We recommend Bitrix24 specifically for teams and brokerages that rely heavily on internal communication. 

The free plan allows admins to assign any number of users to tasks across the platform and manage an endless list of contacts in countless deals, which is quite impressive.

However, some downsides exist, such as limited cloud storage, a lack of marketing tools, and a slightly challenging learning curve with little customer support. 

But Bitrix24’s free version is perfect for talking with your team. If you decide to get a better plan, the prices begin at $49 a month.

In the free version, you get:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited deals
  • Task status summary
  • Chats and video calls with team members
  • Custom fields
  • 5GB drive
  • Integrations
  • Live chat customer support
  • Simple visual website builder and templates
  • Free website hosting
  • Unlimited web pages and 5GB website storage
  • Social network and messenger integrations

The best part about Bitrix24 is how it seamlessly blends CRM with internal team management. Usually, managing clients and internal teams requires two different systems, but Bitrix24 overlaps these functionalities, making communication and decision-making much smoother.

ign this task to a team member without switching between tabs or programs.

This feature reduces inactive leads, engages your team better, and eliminates the need to nudge colleagues on other platforms to log in elsewhere.

The Bitrix24 interface is highly customizable, allowing you to set your background wallpaper and organize tasks linearly and straightforwardly.

In conclusion, Bitrix24 is an excellent collaborative free CRM, perfect for real estate teams and brokerages working within budget constraints. 

Despite storage limitations and a learning curve, its analytics, reporting, and project management tools make it a solid starting point for building your team.

Visit Bitrix CRM

Agile CRM

The free edition of Agile CRM offers remarkable flexibility and adaptability. They provide the service of up to 10 users, which is more than what other free CRM solutions provide. 

The platform excels in social media integrations, simplifying connections to your business accounts. Agile CRM’s paid plans start at $9 monthly, providing access to SMS texting and other advanced features.

The key features of Agile Free CRM are

  • 10 User Limit Free for Up to 1,000 Contacts
  • Free Email Marketing Features
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Web Forms and Popups for Website Engagement
  • Syncs with Google Apps, Including Gmail Integration
  • It comes with an Online Appointment Calendar at No Cost
  • Custom deal milestones
  • Email campaigns and tracking
  • One automation trigger
  • Landing page
  • Mobile app
  • Lead Scoring

Agile CRM’s free real estate CRM stands out for its ability to connect with social media. Its dashboard has special tools (widgets) that let you see your contact’s Facebook or Twitter activities directly in their profile, making it easy to interact with their posts right from the CRM.

However, what truly stands out is the potential for growth with its affordable paid option, offering a wide range of additional functionalities. Agile CRM is smart for those expanding their CRM capabilities within a budget.

Visit Agile CRM

EngageBay Free CRM for Small Businesses

EngageBay is becoming known in the CRM world. It’s user-friendly, with tools that are easy to use and allow for customization. You can manage contacts, nurture leads, and handle deals and tasks. Plus, it comes with excellent customer support.

The cost for the upgraded plans begins at $15 each month.

Free Version Includes:

  • 15 users
  • 500 contacts
  • 1,000 emails with sequencing
  • 500MB storage
  • Email templates
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Integrations
  • Newsletters
  • Auto-responders
  • Email broadcast sequences
  • Lead grabbers
  • Landing page templates with a builder
  • Help desk and live chat support
  • Mobile app

EngageBay’s automation feature is a crucial feature for the free package. It’s excellent for email marketing, allowing you to send 1,000 emails, set up drip campaigns, and use ready-made templates. 

It’s a solid rival to HubSpot, especially for solo agents. It’s well-designed, impactful, and packed with helpful marketing features. However, active email marketers might hit the free version’s limit quickly. Overall, it’s a generous and powerful CRM worth trying, mainly due to its excellent customer support.

Visit EngageBay

ClickUp Free CRM 

ClickUp isn’t your typical CRM; it’s a project management software company offering a free CRM worth exploring. While it might not have all the fancy sales features, it’s robust in organization and communication tools, making it one of the most comprehensive project management systems available. 

It’s highly adaptable and prioritizes process and user experience, resulting in a user-friendly interface. You can upgrade anytime to access more features for a reasonable price, starting at $7 per monthly member.

This type of software isn’t just about CRM; it’s a powerful tool to grow your business. For instance, if you’re running a complex marketing campaign, it helps delegate tasks, track progress, assess effectiveness, and manage resources efficiently.

Free Version Includes:

  • 100MB Storage
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Free Plan Members
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Collaborative Docs
  • Whiteboards
  • Everything View
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Kanban Boards
  • Sprint Management
  • Calendar View
  • Custom Field Manager Basic
  • In-App Video Recording
  • For Personal use 

ClickUp’s free CRM, especially with its real estate template, helps agents think about projects instead of just transactions. It suits those valuing user experience, seeking a sleek-looking CRM with ample automation, and needing extensive communication and project management tools.

Visit ClickUp Free CRM


In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying organized and efficient is vital for agents. A good real estate CRM can make a huge difference in how smoothly things run and how quickly homes get sold.

Choosing the right CRM is about finding one that works well for you – easy to use, fits your budget, and has the necessary tools. After checking out a bunch of CRMs, free and paid, we found some great options that offer lots of support for agents and brokers. Also you need to make sure that it works with any IDX plugins you may use.

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Each CRM has cool things, like HubSpot’s easy setup, EngageBay’s email marketing tools, or ClickUp’s project management features. They all have something different to offer, so it’s about picking the one that suits your real estate business best as it grows.

A good CRM aims to help you communicate better, manage leads effectively, and keep track of your sales. Consider what each CRM offers, how much it costs, and whether it can grow with your business. Find the one that fits your style and needs, and it’ll be a massive help in the exciting world of real estate!


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