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How to use MLS Import Plugin

With our user-friendly and robust software, the process of importing MLS listings is streamlined, making it easier for both real estate agents and brokers to manage their properties.

Successful websites built with
MLS Import Plugin

Legacy built their real estate website with WpResidence Real Estate Theme and data Imported with MLS Import plugin from Louisville MLS.

This Website is built on WordPress with Houzez Theme and MLS Import plugin. The Adonait company uses the feed provided by Miami Association of REALTORS via Bridge Interactive.

Momentum Realty built their WordPress website with WpResidence Real Estate Theme and data Imported with MLS Import plugin from Northeast Florida MLS.

Streeter Homes built their website using WpResidence WordPress Theme and MLS Import plugin. The properties are imported from Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate via Trestle. is the website of Primary One Realty, built on WordPress with WpResidence Real Estate Theme. The listings are imported with MLS Import Plugin from Miami Association of REALTORS.

UnaRealty sells Luxury Properties with the Puerto Rico Advantage. They built the website with RealHomes Real Estate Theme and MLS Import plugin. The MLS properties come from Stellar MLS.

Why Choose MLS Import?

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to seamless listing imports with our MLS import software. Our powerful and easy-to-use tool streamlines the process of importing MLS listings, saving you time and money.

Designed for WordPress

Real estate companies and realtors worldwide rely on WordPress as their go-to website builder for showcasing their listings.

Works with top Real Estate WordPress themes

Manage properties with the best real estate themes available on WordPress that over 60,000 realtors world-wide already use successfully.


Built on the latest RESO API Technology

MLS Import plugin is a modern solution to connect your website to MLS Reso Web API server. Forget the old IDX solutions based on RETS as these are obsolete.

Direct Integration

Our MLS solution seamlessly imports your selected properties directly into your WordPress domain installation, while images are served from a CDN for optimal performance.

800+ MLS Markets Coverage

We can connect to over 800+ MLS markets across United States and Canada. Contact us if you don't find your MLS listed and we'll be happy to help.

Sync Listings Automatically

MLS Import keeps your published properties in sync with the latest MLS listings changes on an hourly basis, ensuring your website always reflects accurate information.

Flexibility & Reduced Costs

What makes MLS Import unique?

Our powerful and easy-to-use tool streamlines the process of importing MLS listings.  Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, our software will simplify your workflow and help you close deals faster. 


No Technical Knowledge Needed

Is MLS Import really that easy to use?

MLS Import is incredibly user-friendly, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Once imported, the properties can be used just like manually added ones, giving you full control and flexibility.

Featured MLS

Austin Board of Realtors and ACTRIS

With MLSImport plugin, real estate agents and brokers can quickly and easily import property listings from ACTRIS into their real estate website. ACTRIS offers access to members for free. Read about MLS Import and ACTRIS integration.

Other Popular MLS

Complete Solution

How you benefit from buying MLS Import

MLSImport is a valuable tool that can help real estate professionals to save time, increase efficiency, and expand their online presence, making it a worthwhile investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MLS Import works with the best Real Estate WordPress themes.

The current supported themes are:

No, we do not import thousands of images (or any image). We make sure images are served from your MLS so your server is not overcrowded by thousands of images.

MLS Import plugin can connect and import from all RESO ready MLS. Check this supported list. If your MLS is not on the list, but you would like to know if it’s possible to use your MLS, contact us to know more.

As member, the MLS must use his API access to use MLS import plugin. That is because as solution MLS Import plugin imports/replicates the properties directly into the MLS member domain. 

With MLS import you can effectively manage your real estate website’s content, which in turn helps you create a website that is optimized for search engines. Aditionally, you can conveniently handle and monitor all generated leads.

You control how many listings you want to import and you have available special filters to select which properties as well.
Yes, you can cancel MLS Import at any time. Subscriptions are month-to-month. But if you cancel, keep in mind your MLS connection will shut down.

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