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For real estate agents and brokers, the success of an IDX website relies on the integration and presentation of real estate listings sourced from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in their region.

In a previous article, we presented the best IDX WordPress themes for your real estate website and how a well-chosen theme contributes to its success. In this article, you will discover live examples of successful IDX websites developed with these successful real estate WordPress themes and MLS Import plugins. 

Through real-life examples, you can confirm MLS Import’s invaluable role in creating a successful IDX website. 

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Essential Features of Effective IDX Websites

Before diving into live examples, let’s quickly review the fundamental elements that make a successful IDX website:

Updated Property Listings:  Integration with your MLS for real-time updates on property listings, including new listings.

High-Quality Media and Descriptions: Each property listing should offer high-resolution images, videos (if available), and detailed descriptions showcasing property features, amenities, and the neighborhood.

Responsive Design: Crucially, the website design must be mobile-friendly and responsive, allowing seamless access across various devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Map Integration: Incorporation of interactive maps (e.g., Google Maps) to accurately display property locations, enabling users to explore nearby amenities and understand the neighborhood.

Lead Capture Forms: Strategically placed contact forms, “schedule a showing” forms, or “request more information” forms to capture leads and facilitate property inquiries or appointments.

User Accounts and Saved Searches: Provision for user accounts to save favorite listings and set up alerts for new properties, enhancing user experience and encouraging return visits.

Agent or Broker Information: Displaying information about associated real estate agents or brokers, including contact details, fosters trust and enables communication.

Mortgage Calculators and Financial Tools: These are optional but beneficial tools to estimate mortgage payments or property-related financial aspects.

Social Media Integration: Sharing options enable users to easily share listings or property details on various social media platforms, expanding property reach.

Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to IDX and MLS regulations for legal compliance and data accuracy.

An IDX website incorporating these features provides a user-friendly, informative, and efficient platform for property transactions.

What Does the MLS Import Plugin Offer

MlS Import offers all the functionality needed to create a successful real estate website alongside one of these premium WordPress real estate themes.

The MLS Import plugin connects your website to your MLS via the RESO API, enabling you to choose and import your selected properties, while displaying quality images and video tours sourced from the MLS CDN server. 

This unique solution offers complete flexibility to use your chosen real estate theme functionality for property searches, leads capture, save searches, website design, and all the mandatory features we listed above.

Moreover, the plugin ensures hourly real-time updates and automatically removes inactive properties from your website, maintaining MLS data accuracy and relevance.

Seven IDX Websites Powered by MLS Import

To illustrate the positive impact MLS Import could have on your business, we have chosen to showcase seven of the many live successful websites created by our clients. 

Through these websites, you’ll clearly understand how this IDX plugin can effectively create solid and functional real estate websites with your MLS.

Miami Realtors MLS Integration in NirvanaMiami

A thriving live example is Nirvana Miami, a company that manages a condominium complex comprising five refined buildings in Miami. The website’s objective is to showcase specific residences within Nirvana, and for that purpose, the client selects and imports specific MLS properties by the ListingID.

The website is affiliated with Miami Realtors MLS, which provides free MLS access for member brokers. The website’s connection is possible via Bridge Interactive Server API, a free system.

The client crafted the entire website independently with the WpResidence Real Estate WordPress theme. The site was created with one of the pre-built theme demos, a straightforward process for the client to do alone with the theme documentation available. 

After the pre-built demo was set, the client personalized its content, colors, shortcodes, and widgets to his preferences.

For a more detailed insight on integrating MLS into your website, check out this article: Mastering MLS IDX Integration in WordPress.

Visit NirvanaMiami

Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) MLS integration on

ToriThompsonRealtor website owner is a member of the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR), an MLS that provides free RESO API access to members. The MLS Import plugin helps the client integrate MLS data organically on this website via Bridge RESO Server API. 

The website is also created with the WpResidence WordPress theme, and the client started with one of the pre-built demos to set up the website by himself. 

As RESO API servers, ABOR works with CoreLogic Trestle and Bridge Listing Output API servers. In this case, the connection and import process are completed through the Bridge Interactive server because this system is free and easy to use. Read more about MLS Import and the ACTRIS (ABOR) integration here.

The Austin Board of Realtors (ABoR) maintains particular criteria for sharing data from their servers with brokers:

  • Only properties authorized for online display can be published.
  • Solely ACTIVE properties are eligible for sharing, ensuring that sold, expired, or pending properties cannot be listed.

With MLS Import, the client can respect both these requirements and Import only the active listings, which are intentionally marked as being able to be shared via the Internet.

More than that, the client needs to showcase properties from specific cities only. Users can select to import from particular cities (counties, categories, types, and a few other filters) via the MLS Import filtering system. 


Miami Realtors MLS integration with Wyserhomes displays various MLS real estate listings in Miami, imported from Miami Realtors MLS with the MLS Import plugin. The Houzez theme powers the website’s real estate functionality. 

The client started the website with a pre-built demo and set the content and colors to his preference. It was an easy process to complete. 

Through the integration with Miami Realtors MLS and the MLS Import plugin, presents a specific range of residential listings for sale and lease, ensuring accuracy and relevance with every published property. The user-friendly features the Houzez theme offers significantly enhance the user experience while looking for specific listings. 

The plugin connection to Miami MLS was straightforward to do for the client. You can find more information about how to get the Miami Realtors MLS API connection details in this article.


Stellar MLS integration with website owner is part of Stellar MLS, an MLS that provides free access to their member brokers. The website properties are imported with MLS Import, and the WpResidence Real Estate theme powers the website design and functionality. 

The theme supports Elementor Page Builder’s creation of pages and property page layouts. For this website, the client uses the flexible option of Elementor to create a unique design without needing any technical support.

The client imports his chosen MLS listings by connecting his site to Stellar MLS via Bridge Interactive Server API. You can read more about the Stellar integration here

The website showcases Stellar MLS Residential properties from a specific city, Orlando. MLS Import allows filtering properties not only by city but also from a particular price range, a specific category or type, and a few other filters. 


Miami Realtors integration with, based on the RealHomes WordPress theme, lists over 4,000 properties imported with MLS Import from the Miami Realtors MLS. 

The client uses the MLS Import plugin to import specific properties belonging to agents in her brokerage and other Residential listings for sale with prices over $ 1,000,000. 

Additionally, the website offers visitors efficient property search functionalities and streamlined contact forms, enabling users to explore and engage with each listed property easily.


Michigan Regional Information Center MLS integration with is an online real estate platform powered by the WpResidence theme. The website showcases the Michigan Regional Information Center properties through the MLS Import plugin. The client received the connection details to connect and import properties from her MLS. You can find more information about the MiRealSource integration with our plugin here.

The website meets all the MLS requirements to share MLS data but also harnesses the full functionalities of the WpResidence theme’s design, widgets, and shortcodes. This integration allows the client to personalize the website’s design and create a unique and modern look. 


Miami Realtors integration with 

Next, we’ll explore, a WordPress website built on the Houzez theme. The client showcases Miami Realtors’ MLS properties for sale and lease. 

The client opted for a hassle-free setup by importing a pre-built demo within the Houzez theme and customizing it with personalized colors and contact information. presents an engaging platform. The combination of Houzez’s theme functionalities and MLS Import streamlines the user experience, providing an intuitive interface for property exploration and interaction.

Visit MiamiRealty


Integrating IDX websites with the MLS Import Plugin signifies a transformative shift in the real estate industry’s digital landscape. As technology continues to evolve, the fusion of these tools promises a more streamlined, efficient, and user-centric experience for real estate agents, brokers, and clients alike. 

By showcasing real-life examples, we’ve highlighted the instrumental role played by MLS Import in creating robust and functional real estate websites, offering users accurate, up-to-date property information while ensuring a seamless browsing experience. This amalgamation of cutting-edge technology with real estate needs sets the stage for a more interconnected and influential property market in the digital era.


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