Easy MLS Real Estate Website Hosting with Cloudways

Many of you wonder if WordPress is the right tool for building websites with thousands of listings. Can you create a professional website with it? What will be the requirements?

The answer is definitely “Yes,” and we created this video to prove it. For this, we use our preferred Real Estate WordPress Theme: WPResidence, the MLSimport plugin, and a hosting package from Cloudways.

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Why did we use Cloudways and not other hosting? 

First, when you want several thousand listings on the website, you need some power into your hosting server. 

So cheap solutions will not do – you will just get hosted on the same server with hundreds of other clients. We have seen hosting companies throttling and slowing websites just to be sure their servers stay manageable.  

So, with the risk of repeating myself – Do not get a $3 hosting – it would ruin your business.

Also, You don’t need to get an expensive one. Our demo is based on a $14 /month solution from Cloudways. There are companies that offer the same quality for this price, but for this video & demo, we use this hosting solution. And we strongly recommend it for any MLS websites.

With the right tools and a little guidance, you can have thousands of MLS listings available to your clients in under two hours without needing any technical background. 

Signup on Cloudways

This video is a step-by-step guide that will show how you can set up an MLS Real Estate website using MLS Import, the WP Residence Theme, and Cloudways hosting.

The Cloudways Hosting Demo Video

Here is a video that highlights all the steps you need to take in order to create a MLS website.

Getting Started: Setting Up Your Website

  1. Hosting with Cloudways: Start by registering an account with Cloudways. Once done, launch your WordPress server and domain. Interestingly, Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial for you to experiment with. For this guide, we selected the $14/month entry package. In approximately seven minutes, you’re all set with the server and WordPress.
  2. Installing the Theme: Access the WordPress backend using the admin credentials provided. Here, you’ll install your preferred real estate theme and MLS import.  There are four top-tier professional themes to choose from. For this tutorial, we’ve selected the Wpresidence theme. Once installed, activate the required plugins and the theme license. Import one of the pre-built demos (41 options available).
  3. Setting Up MLS Import Plugin: Install the MLS import plugin, available through the recommended plugins or via direct download from the MLS Import account. You will need to have a valid MLS Resi web API connection. If you are looking for other solutions, you can check this article: Best MLS WordPress Plugins. However, we think we are the smart choice.

Start your 30-day free trial with MLS Import to access this plugin.

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Configuring Your Listings

  1. Server Requirements: From your Cloudways account, navigate to server management settings to set up the necessary configurations. Modify the WordPress config file accordingly. In there, you can set the execution time limit and Wordpres Memory.
  2. Connect MLS Import Plugin: Link the plugin to your MLS Import account and your MLS server. Use the credentials provided during your free trial registration. You must also have WEB API connection credentials from your MLS.
  3. Selecting Data to Import: With your properties, choose which MLS data you wish to display. Customize as per your requirements, even down to the text label for each field.
  4. Setting Up Agent Displays: Create agent profiles and select a specific agent you want to showcase for each import item.

Final Steps and Performance Testing

  1. Email Configuration: With Cloudways hosting, ensure your emails function by setting up an email application. For this guide, we used the Sendgrid application – it’s free and user-friendly.
  2. Import Performance: The strength of Cloudways was evident when 3,000 listings were imported in just 40 minutes. A subsequent test with 8,000 listings also showcased remarkable speed and responsiveness.

In conclusion, Cloudways stands out as a top choice for hosting your MLS real estate website. Register, and you can enjoy a hassle-free 3-day trial.

Free trial on Cloudways

Creating an MLS Real Estate website with Cloudways, WP Residence Theme, and the MLS Import Plugin is feasible and remarkably simple. Cloudways’ efficient hosting solutions, coupled with the powerful features of the WP Residence Theme and MLS Import Plugin, make for a compelling combination that can set your real estate business apart.


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