Best IDX plugins for WordPress  – updated in 2024

If you’re a real estate Broker or Agent, you’re probably familiar with MLS and IDX (Internet Data Exchange). There are many articles and studies on the importance of having active MLS listings on your website and how IDX assists in making buying and selling properties easier for consumers.

IDX is crucial in making your site more trustworthy and connecting you with potential buyers or renters. But how do you get IDX listings on your website?

There’s a solution for real estate websites built on WordPress: IDX plugins. These plugins can significantly simplify integrating IDX listings onto your site.

In this article, we’ll explain what IDX plugins are and their key features. We’ll also list the available IDX plugins for WordPress, their prices, and their key features. This will assist you in choosing the right one for your WordPress-based real estate website.

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What are the IDX Plugins for WordPress?

Before explaining what IDX plugins are, we want to offer you a brief insight into what a plugin is and how it is used. 

The term “Plugin” refers to software applications or add-ons that can be installed and integrated into an existing WordPress-based website to add specific functionality or features.  

WordPress-based websites are created and managed using the WordPress content management system (CMS). Today, more than 43% of websites online use WordPress, making it a popular choice for real estate agents wanting their sites.

In our case, the plugins are software applications designed to integrate property listings from Multiple Listing Services (MLS) into websites made on WordPress. They are also called WordPress IDX plugins. 

IDX plugins typically add the following functionalities to a website:

  • Display current property listings sourced from the MLS database directly on WordPress websites.
  • Enable visitors to search for available properties directly on the website.
  • Capture visitor information through contact forms.
  • Showcase detailed property information, high-quality images, and virtual tours.
  • Ensure the listings are displayed and accessible across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
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Key features to look for in an IDX plugin

Picking the right IDX plugin is important for increasing your real estate business’s profits. Look for a plugin that offers as many of these essential features as possible:

  • Updated Listings: Ensure the plugin displays up-to-date property listings from the MLS database
  • User-Friendly Search: Look for a solution with easy-to-use search options so visitors can filter properties by location, price, property type, etc.
  • Device Compatibility: Properties must display correctly across various devices (phones, tablets, desktops)
  • Detailed Property Information: The properties added via an IDX plugin must display complete property details like descriptions, images, virtual tours, location, features, amenities, etc.
  • Map Integration: Listings must be displayed on a map system (like Google Maps, Open Street, etc) for easier visualization and localization. 
  • Lead Generation Tools: You must have lead capture forms to collect visitor information for serving your site visitors with all the information they need to close the deals.  
  • CRM Integration: Customer Relationship Management integration ensures that all client interactions and property inquiries are centralized, allowing for more organized communication with potential buyers or renters. 
  • Customization Options:  The IDX plugin should allow you to control the look and feel of the properties displayed to match the website’s style and branding.
  • SEO Optimization: The property listings you show on your site must be optimized for search engines so you get more visitors. 
  • Property Comparison Tools: Visitors should be able to compare multiple properties side by side for informed decision-making.
  • Performance Optimization: Your website speed must be fast, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Social Media Integration: Make sure you can easily share property listings on various social media platforms.
  • Transparent Pricing: Look for clear pricing plans without hidden costs, understanding the payment structure (one-time, subscription-based) and additional charges for specific features.
  • Customer Support and Updates: Ensure the plugin provider offers reliable customer support and regular updates for the plugin’s functionality and security.

List of IDX Plugins for WordPress

In this section, we present you a variety of specialized IDX plugins for WordPress.

Each plugin has unique functionalities, catering to the specific needs of agents and brokers.

MLS Import

The MLS Import plugin connects your website to your MLS Association database so you can import property listings into your website. 

It automatically updates imported listings, adds new ones immediately when added to the MLS, and takes out old or expired ones. You can also select specific types of listings to import. 

Some of the key features of the MLS Import plugin: 

  • It uses the latest RESO API Technology that powers 800+ MLS from the US and Canada.
  • It Works with top Real Estate WordPress themes for a complete real estate website.
  • It Lets you choose which fields to import.
  • Allows creating multiple import items and filters to bring in specific properties.
  • Images are provided by MLS CDN (Content Delivery Network) to optimize speed.


  • 30-day Free Trial available with all packages.
  • $49/month or $504/year subscription after the free trial period ends.
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IDX Broker

IDX Broker offers a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals. It comes with customizable widgets, responsive design, and lead capture features.

Key features of IDX Broker:

  • It Displays MLS property listings on your website.
  • Manages and collects lead information using forms.
  • Allows widget editing without reloading, offering different widget options.
  • Compatible with popular form plugins such as Ninja Forms, etc.
  • Templates and widgets that adjust to various screen sizes for better user experience.


  • IDX Broker Lite: Starts at $55/month
  • IDX Broker Platinum: Starts at $90/month

Realtyna Organic IDX Plugin + WPL Real Estate

The Realtyna Organic IDX plugin, or WPL, focuses on SEO-friendly property listings, customizable search options, and lead generation tools. The WPL Pro version is the version that competes with the other plugins in this list. 

Key Points:

  • Seamlessly integrates with various MLS providers across North America.
  • Can manage the appearance of listings on the website.
  • It is compatible with 11 WordPress themes catering to real estate and multi-purpose websites, including Divi.


  • Realtyna Organic IDX Lite is available as a free plugin 
  • WPL PRO is a $199 setup fee, on top of which you add the MLS Add-on ($950) and $49/month for each feed. 

Estatik PRO

Estatik IDX offers customizable property templates, advanced search options, and front-end property submission for agents.

Key features: 

  • It brings in MLS listings through RETS or RESO Web API.
  • Allows admins to create custom fields and add extensive details about listings using the Fields Builder.
  • It works with five premium real estate themes.


  • The Estatik Simple plugin version is free with limited functionality
  • Estatik PRO – $89 with CVS Import through WP All Import 
  • Estatik Premium – $649 with RESO API Import option


SimplyRETS is a plugin that imports and displays property listings on real estate websites.

It offered features such as:

  • Simplified integration of MLS data into WordPress via the RETS protocol.
  • Import property listings, including images and comprehensive property details.
  • Basic customization options to control how the property listings are presented on the site.
  • Works with most WordPress themes as it generates and embeds properties as HTML instead of iFrames


  • Primary – $49/month 
  • Premiums – $99/month
  • Enterprise – $199/month

Rover IDX

The Rover IDX plugin helps add searchable property listings to your website. You can personalize how listings appear, select property details to show, choose searchable cities, and customize the search panel.


  • It displays property listings from various MLSs.
  • It offers comprehensive user search functionalities.
  • Rover IDX subscription is usable across up to 5 domains for a single agent.


  • $65/month – Single agent site.
  • $85/month – Team of 2 agents.
  • $130/month – 3-10 agents.
  • $195/month – 10-25 agents.
  • $260/month – 25-50 agents.
  • $325/month – 50-75 agents.
  • $390/month – 75-100 agents.
  • $455/month – 100-150 agents.

Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is a plugin that integrates IDX listings and searches into your WordPress website design.

Main Features:

  • It shows property listings on your site.
  • It keeps MLS property listings up to date.
  • It lets users sign up and encourages them to create an account.
  • It tracks what users search for and enables you to send them messages.
  • You change how listings look using the tool’s settings.


Free 10-Day Trial With All Features

Plans start at 74.95/month 

Flexmls MLS

Flexmls MLS is an IDX WordPress plugin packed with SEO-friendly content, dynamic widgets, and a mobile-friendly design to attract direct client engagement.

Key Features:

  • Live Data from Flexmls Platform
  • Instant & Current IDX Data
  • Integration with Flexmls Portals & Contact Manager

Pricing –

  • Agent price for $499/year

EstateVue IDX

EstateVue IDX is a fully customizable WordPress plugin tailored for real estate agents and brokers from Canada. 

Key features:

  • Show listings for specific cities.
  • Switch between grid and map view.
  • ‘Home evaluation’ feature for estimated property price.
  • Fully responsive on mobile and desktop.
  • Social media sharing options.


  • $125 Set-up fee + $69/month
  • Live chat, SMS, and power forms add an extra $25/month.  

How do IDX plugins work with WordPress themes?

IDX plugins work with WordPress themes by facilitating the display of MLS listings on a WordPress website. 

These plugins manage the information related to the properties shared on the site, ensuring compliance with IDX regulations and often offering customization options to align with the website’s design and functionality.

IDX plugins usually sign Vendor agreements with each MLS, which serve as contracts between the IDX plugin provider and the MLS organizations. It’s important to note that these agreements also come with specific terms and conditions outlined by the MLS and IDX policy, which the IDX (Vendor) must follow. 

Because of these regulations, regular IDX plugins allow you to display or integrate MLS data on your site without actually importing the data into your database. 

However, with a specialized solution like the MLS Import plugin, the properties are imported into your website’s database. 

It means that the MLS Import plugin stores the property information within your site’s database, enabling greater control, customization, and manipulation of the data for various functionalities like search, filtering, and display.

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Here’s how most IDX plugins and WordPress themes work together.

Installation and Activation: IDX plugins are installed and activated similarly to other WordPress plugins, providing tools and features for managing and displaying property listings.

Displaying Listings: These IDX plugins generate widgets, shortcodes, or templates that enable users to display property listings within their WordPress themes. 

Search and Filtering: IDX plugins provide advanced search and filtering options, allowing visitors to search for properties based on specific criteria such as location, price, property type, amenities, and more. 

Customization: Users can often customize how listings appear on their website to match the theme’s style and design. It might involve adjusting colors and layouts or integrating specific search filters to maintain a cohesive look.

Lead Generation: Some IDX plugins offer lead capture functionalities, enabling real estate agents or brokers to collect visitor information interested in a property. These features can include contact forms, inquiry options, or scheduling tools to facilitate communication between agents and potential clients.

Updates and Synchronization: IDX plugins regularly synchronize and update property listings from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database. 

How does MLS Import stand out from other IDX plugins for WordPress? 

When choosing an IDX plugin for WordPress, it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, support, and how well it integrates with your website’s design and functionalities. 

It ensures the best possible experience for you as the website owner and visitors.

MLS Import checks all these boxes. It stands out among other IDX plugins for WordPress due to several key features:

Robust MLS Integration: MLS Import offers seamless integration with any RESO-ready MLS. You can connect to your MLS and import the real estate listings you wish directly into your WordPress site. 

Auto-sync hourly: MLS Import updates your published properties regularly, syncing them with the newest changes in MLS listings every hour. This way, your website stays up-to-date with accurate information at all times.

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Here are three demo websites built with WordPress, WpResidence Theme and MLSImport. Import thousands of MLS listings on your website.

Auto-Delete obsolete listings: Closed or sold listings will be automatically removed from the website or database once their status changes in the MLS database. 

Select and Display Property Info Your Way: From hundreds of MLS property fields available, you decide which to import, display publicly, or keep private, and customize their text names. 

Organic Integration with top Real Estate WordPress themes: MLS Import works with the best Real Estate WordPress themes that over 60,000 successful realtors worldwide already use. 

You can freely utilize your favorite theme’s real estate functionality and design as MLS Import handles publishing and syncing MLS listings for you.

Ease of Use: The plugin provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for WordPress users to import and display property listings on their websites without needing advanced technical skills. The setup process is typically straightforward.

Efficient Filtering: With the ability to create multiple import items and filters, MLS Import ensures that only specific properties meeting your selected criteria are imported and synced. 

SEO-Friendly: MLS Import brings all property data to your website, creating SEO-friendly pages for your chosen listings.

Cutting-Edge Technology: MLS Import uses RESO API Technology, a modern system for sharing real estate data. It’s based on widely used, open technology standards, making it simple for organizations to exchange data swiftly and effectively.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) for images: MLS Import lets you use the MLS CDN for image display, ensuring faster loading times. 

Regular Updates and Support: MLS Import provides regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.

Straightforward Pricing: Enjoy a 30-day free trial with access to all features. Cancel anytime without hassle.

With MLS Import, you can seamlessly bring MLS property data to your website using RESO API.

The MLS Import plugin facilitates your website to communicate with the RESO API, which holds all the MLS properties, using your API connection details. If these terms are still confusing, you may want to read this article: How Is IDX Different From RESO Web API?

As the website owner and an MLS member with API access, you can ensure MLS compliance rules for your property listings.

The real estate themes compatible with MLS Import help manage logos, disclaimers, and MLS data to meet standards. 

These themes enable you to create personalized, SEO-friendly Real Estate websites with desired functionalities at an affordable cost, eliminating the need for extensive technical knowledge or costly development.

Simultaneously, MLS Import ensures your website remains updated by syncing data with the MLS server, ensuring compliance with IDX regulations.

We have written a complete article that may help you create your website: How we created a WordPress MLS Website with 8,000 Listings.


In conclusion, we showed you a diverse array of IDX plugins for WordPress, each offering unique functionalities suited to the needs of real estate agents and brokers.

MLS Import stands out for its ability to directly import MLS property data using RESO API, ensuring regular updates, customization control, and seamless integration with premium Real Estate WordPress themes. It empowers users to comply with MLS regulations while crafting personalized, SEO-friendly websites without extensive technical knowledge.

Other plugins like IDX Broker, Realtyna Organic IDX, Estatik PRO, SimplyRETS, Rover IDX, Showcase IDX, Flexmls MLS, EstateVue IDX also offer a range of features, pricing plans, and compatibility options, catering to different preferences and requirements.

Choosing the right IDX plugin involves considering factors like ease of use, customization capabilities, pricing, and integration with WordPress themes to create a user-friendly, compliant, and efficient real estate website. Each plugin highlighted in the article provides distinct functionalities to meet varying needs within the real estate industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IDX (Internet Data Exchange) in real estate?

IDX, which stands for Internet Data Exchange, is a system/policy enabling real estate agents to showcase the most current and comprehensive property listing information on their websites.

What is an IDX plugin?

An IDX plugin is a specialized tool crafted for WordPress websites, explicitly showcasing property listings obtained from Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases.

Is there a difference between IDX and MLS plugins?

There is no actual difference – a WordPress MLS Plugin is the same thing as a Worpdress IDX plugin. Both kinds will handle the display of MLS listings on your website.


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