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Who is OneKey MLS

OneKey MLS is a comprehensive real estate marketplace serving the metropolitan New York area. It is the largest REALTOR®-run Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in New York State, offering accurate and up-to-date listings. More than 45,000 REALTORS® across Long Island, Hudson Valley, Manhattan, and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey are part of this network, making it a robust resource for real estate information and transactions.

OneKey MLS was created by combining two other real estate services, the MLS of Long Island and the Hudson Gateway MLS.

The Hudson Gateway MLS started by joining six local New York real estate groups. These were the Westchester County Realty Board, the Pelham Realty Board, the Putnam County Association of Realtors, the Rockland County Board of Realtors, the Orange County Association of Realtors, and the Manhattan Association of Realtors.

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The Westchester County Realty Board, which began in White Plains in 1916, merged with the Pelham Realty Board in 1947. Later, more groups joined: the Putnam County Association of Realtors in 2009, the Rockland County Board of Realtors and the Orange County Association of Realtors in 2011, and the Manhattan Association of Realtors in 2016.

For those interested in renting an apartment, OneKey MLS provides valuable information on various fees associated with renting, such as broker fees, rental insurance, application fees, security deposits, and more. Additionally, for individuals considering buying an investment property, OneKey MLS offers guidance on essential aspects like finances, profit considerations, property management, and the importance of location.

OneKey MLS also supports its users with innovative tools and technology, ensuring that real estate professionals have the necessary resources to succeed in today’s market. 

The MLS organization is run by the Long Island Board of REALTORS and the Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS. They focus on being ethical and doing the right things in real estate.

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What area does OneKey MLS cover?

OneKey MLS covers a vast area in the New York region, including:

  • Long Island
  • The Hudson Valley
  • Manhattan
  • Parts of Connecticut and New Jersey
  • Specific areas like Montauk, the Catskills, the Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, and Queens counties

The areas covered by OneKey MLS include Bronx County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County, Sullivan County, Ulster County, and Westchester County.

In the regions covered by OneKey MLS, some of the larger cities include:

  1. Bronx County: The Bronx which is a borough of New York City.
  2. Dutchess County: Poughkeepsie is the county seat and largest city in Dutchess County.
  3. Orange County: Newburgh and Middletown are among the larger cities in this county.
  4. Putnam County: Carmel is the county seat, though its small towns and villages characterize Putnam County more.
  5. Rockland County: Clarkstown and Orangetown, with significant urban centers like Nyack and Spring Valley.
  6. Sullivan County: Monticello, which is the county seat.
  7. Ulster County: Kingston is a city and the county seat of Ulster County.
  8. Westchester County: Yonkers, New Rochelle, and White Plains are some of the larger cities in this county.

These cities are known for their diverse communities, historical significance, and varying real estate markets, making them notable within OneKey MLS’s coverage scope.

How can you register to OneKey MLS?

To register with OneKey MLS, you must be a real estate professional, like a real estate broker or agent. Membership is usually limited to these professionals because MLS systems are built to facilitate transactions between real estate agents and brokers. 

To join OneKey MLS, you need to be a member of a REALTOR® association and fill out an application detailing your real estate license and brokerage info. Membership usually involves annual fees, and new members often undergo training to use the MLS system and comply with its rules. Your application and credentials will be verified, and once registered, you’ll have access to various MLS tools and services like listing and searching for properties and accessing market data.

You can start the process by filling up the form located here:

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How can you make a website with OneKey MLS?

Here’s a straightforward explanation for creating a WordPress website with OneKey MLS listings. But first you should check out this article: Building a Successful MLS Real Estate Website: A Comprehensive Guide to MLS Integration

Get OneKey MLS Access

First, you need permission from OneKey MLS to use their property data. It usually involves getting an API key or similar authorization. You could apply for a connection-token in for oneKey MLS

Watch this video to see how you can do that

Set Up WordPress: Use WordPress as the base for your website. It’s a system that lets you manage your site’s content. We recommend hosting with Cloudways. See this case study where we host an MLS WordPress website with 8000 listings on Cloudways.

Pick a WordPress Theme 

Choose a WordPress real estate theme for your website. Popular choices include WpResidence, Houzez, or Real Homes. You can try them on demo websites to see which you like best.

Make the Theme Yours

 Once you’ve chosen a theme, install and set it up. You can use the theme options to customize the website to match your style and brand. The customization process can include changing colors, fonts, and the layout. If you need help, you should get a professional to do this part.

Add MLS Listings

Use a tool like the MLSImport to add property listings from OneKey MLS to your website. This IDX plugin ensures your site always has the latest properties from OneKey MLS.

Alternatively, you can watch this video to better understand how MLSImport can help you with your website.


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