MLS Import Server Requirements

MLS Import Server Requirements


To import thousands of listings from your MLS to your Real Estate website with MLS Import and one of the supported WordPress themes, you must make sure you have a server that can handle the volume of data you will import and run from your server.

Ideally, you should consider a dedicated server (even a VPS) for over 7000 listings for fast performance. The general server requirements depend on the volume of properties you plan to import. But there are a few specific requirements you need to consider to run MLS Import.

MLS Import Plugin Server requirements

MLS Import Plugin requires the following server requirements to be checked and confirmed on your server-side:

You can check the Server Values limits by using a WordPress plugin such as Display PHP Version.

Theme Server Requirements

The theme you have chosen and installed may have its server requirements required to run the theme. Please be sure you check in each theme documentation what those specs are and apply them with your hosting assistance (when necessary).

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