MLSImport integrates Golden Triangle Association of Realtors MLS 

MLSImport integrates Golden Triangle Association of Realtors MLS 


Great news! The plugin is now available, allowing you to effortlessly import and sync real estate listings from the Golden Triangle Association of Realtors MLS.

Our WordPress plugin streamlines managing listings by covering counties like Choctaw, Clay, Lowndes, and more, including cities such as Columbus, Starkville, and Aberdeen. 

With seamless integration, you can ensure accurate and up-to-date property information, enhancing your real estate business. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to efficient listing management with the plugin.

The Golden Triangle Association of Realtors is a professional organization that brings together real estate experts in the Golden Triangle region. Established to promote excellence in the real estate industry, the association offers a platform for realtors, brokers, and affiliated professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate.

With a history spanning several decades, the association has a strong track record of supporting its members through educational seminars, workshops, and networking events. Members can enhance their skills and better serve their clients by staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

Moreover, the Golden Triangle Association of Realtors actively advocates for policies that benefit its members and the local communities. By maintaining a focus on integrity, professionalism, and knowledge-sharing, the association continues to play a significant role in shaping and improving the real estate landscape in the Golden Triangle area.

Their website is:

How to join “The Golden Triangle Association of Realtors”

To join the Golden Triangle Association of Realtors, Check if you meet membership criteria as a licensed realtor, broker, or related professional. Obtain the membership application form from their website or office. 

Complete the form, including the required documentation and fees. Submit your application for review. If approved, attend any orientation sessions provided. 

Engage in networking events and educational opportunities to maximize your membership. For precise details, visit their official website or contact their office directly at this link

Area Covered by Golden Triangle Association of Realtors.

The “Golden Triangle Association of Realtors” based in Columbus, MS, serves a specific geographical area. The counties covered by this association include Choctaw, Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Webster, and Winston. It encompasses the Columbus and Lowndes County area, which includes cities such as Columbus, Starkville, and Aberdeen.

We recommend checking their website or contacting the association for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Now that you know integrated with this MLS you can read this article or what the video below to see how you can build a real estate website with listings from Golden triangle Association.

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