Build a Real Estate Website Featuring ABOR MLS Properties

We install a WordPress Real Estate Website and import thousands of active Austin Board of Realtors listings.

*You need a domain, hosting, and ABOR MLS credentials .

“MLS Import has successfully imported over 7500 active listing from my market, with the criteria I specified, and grouped the way I want, and I am happy to recommend this plugin to anyone who needs a reliable wordpress plugin using the new RESO standard!”

Christina Catalano, Realtor Broker with ABOR MLS

Austin board of realtors MLS

MLSimport is a suitable choice for all ABOR MLS members

Populate your website with an extensive selection of real estate listings

*We will need your MLS API connection credentials and hosting account.

Works exclusively with WpResidence, Houzez, Real Homes, and WpEstate Real Estate WordPress Themes

MLSImport - Your Key to Increased Website Leads

Import Selected MLS Listings

Select and import MLS listings of your choice, easily integrating them into your website database.

Hourly sync with MLS database

Mlsimport updates your data hourly to stay current with MLS listings, ensuring your information is always up to date.

Boost leads with attractive design

Draw in more leads with attractive designs from compatible Real Estate WordPress themes.

Your website is missing 10,000+ Active ABOR MLS Listings

Increase lead potential and website’s appeal by importing thousands of active MLS listings.

Good: Thousands of listings on your website

Enrich your website with a vast selection of property listings, giving visitors numerous choices to explore and find their ideal home.

Bad: Limited property selection for your visitors

A restricted display of properties available on your site may deter potential leads due to limited options and opportunities.

Demos with Live Properties
imported with MLSimport Plugin

How we built an MLS Real Estate Website with 8,000 listings

Pay month to month. No Setup Fee. 30-Days Free Trial. Cancel anytime.

$49/month (*billed monthly, after 30-days Free Trial)

*Register with your card,  and get billed after a 30-day free trial. 

$42/month (15% off billed yearly, after a 30-day Free Trial)

*Register with your card,  and get billed after a 30-day free trial.