RESO WEB API Connection details explained

If you want to use one of our products, you will need to get access to the RESO Web API maintained by your MLS.  We have a list of RESO Certified Multiple Listings Services here; you can look through that list and see if your MLS is listed there. If not, please contact us.

The RESO Web API is quite different than the classic RETS feed. Many of the MLSs will not pay attention and will just give you the RETS feed, which is not right in this case.

A correct RESO WEB API connection details should have

Client ID, Client Secret, Server Token, Browser Toke, and the URL to do the API queries. Most of the time, the Sever token and the URL for API queries are enough.

Example 1

If your MLS is using Bridge data output as an API provider:


Server Token: bqb84XXXXXXXXX7lrdy2yjm33ad

Example 2

If your MLS is using Spark API


Server Token: bqb84XXXXXXXXX7lrdy2yjm33ad

If you receive something like the below, we cannot work with it since it is RETS data – see RETS word in the link.
Password: xxxxg1234

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