MLS Import Plugin. Pay month to month. Cancel anytime.


Why is the $99 one-time fee for setup required and how do you benefit from it?

Connect to MLS

We set the MLS Import plugin connection to your MLS. We guide you to what data to ask from your MLS, but we make sure the connection to your MLS is set and functional.

Configure MLS Import

Some MLS may need a specific import mapping done, and we make sure that is completed when configuring MLS import for you.

We supervise Import

Since you can run import for thousands of listings, we assist and supervise the server activity during this initial large import and we make sure that you have no server downtime.

Optimize the auto-sync

MLS Import synchronises data with your MLS twice a day. MLS Import removes expires properties, updates active listings if needed, and adds new listings matching the settings saved in MLS Import configuration.

We contact your MLS Team

When needed, we contact your MLS technical team team for any questions about your MLS configuration. You don't have to worry about learning the technical setup.

Research & Documentation

We research and implement any specific technical requirements from your MLS. This part if done by our team and we allocate all the time needed to have a successful import.

Becoming an MLS Import Plugin Client

We'll get you going fast.