Turnkey MLS Website & Hosting

You get a WordPress website with one of the best Real Estate themes, premium hosting, and a complete MLS import solution.

What is included

Turnkey WordPress Website

We will install WordPress, install and configure one of the themes, install demo content and install and connect MLS import plugin to your MLS. Once this is done, we will give you the admin account of a ready-to-use site. You will only provide us with the access to the MLS properties and your domain name.

The WordPress Theme

You receive one of the compatible WordPress Themes of your choice. We will buy the license and activate it on your domain. You get the freedom to use the chosen theme's functionality, design, and pre-built demos as they are while MLS import takes care of publishing and synchronizing MLS listings for you.

Hosting included

Our turnkey solution comes with a managed hosting account. You don't have to pay extra for hosting and you don't have to do any extra settings on your server since we got this part covered. The hosting solution is fine tuned to work with import solution and no technical expertise is required from your part.

WordPress, Theme and Plugins installation

We install WordPress, the theme of your choice and included plugins. We also import one of the demos of your choice. This is usually an extra service that you would pay for if you purchased the theme separately, but with out offer we do all this work for free.

Client Support

We offer client support via chat or a private support system. You get the quickest assistance possible for any question related to MLS import.

Paid Services Available

If you wish assistance to setup the theme with its available features, support is available for hire.

Get your MLS Turnkey Website and Hosting

Get premium hosting,  the Real Estate WordPress Theme, and the MLS import plugin