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Here are some of the services we offer

Set Up your website

Wordpress Installation, WordPress Theme Installation and Demo Import

Branding your website

Upload and correctly adjust the position of your logo, set colors, load special fonts etc

Adjust Website Theme Settings

At this moment we only work with three themes : Wp Residence, Real Homes and Houzez. Each of these themes have over 200+ options and if you are not familiar with them it can be very hard to build a website. Since our team knows everything about these themes we can set your website faster and better.

Build your website.

We can create various pages using the content you provide. We can get different sections from theme demos and mix them in a new page or we can create new designs from scratch. Just tell us what you want and we will do it for you.We can create new pages based on exemples provided by you , and change every single aspect of your website. We can also help you with content publishing .

Minor HTML & CSS customizations

Sometimes you may want something that is not possible with these 3 themes . If the task requires only HTML and CSS we may be able to assist you on this matter.

Setup Third Parties Api

You may want to set up payments using Stripe or Paypal or simply use social Api’s like Facebook or Twitter. If your theme has this option we can help you with the installation of these features.

Plugin Installation and Configuration

We know the right plugin for the right situation. And we can install those plugins and make the right settings. If you need something special we can do the research , select and install the right plugin for your situation.

Speed Optimization

We can review your website settings , set up cache plugins, optimize images and do everything possible so your website can load very fast. Make your website responsive and ready to use on any mobile devices

Setup Backups and other recurring tasks.

Website Security

Tasks we Cannot do

Custom development that involves working with php files or database.
Custom development that involves serious modification of the HTML code.
Content creation: text or images.
Server configuration.

How much it costs

Hourly cost

The cost to hire our team is $25 per hour and you need to buy a minimum 10h package.
Also you need to know that every time we will work for you we will bill you at least 1 hour, even if the task required will take less. So it is better to group your requirements in longer tasks

Cost Example

Task 1: Adjust and upload new logo – Estimated time is 30 min but will bill you 1h.

Task 2: Adjust and upload new logo and create a new contact us page – Estimated time is 2h and we will bill you 2h.

Contact us using the form below and explain your requests. We will offer a free quote .

How it works

Inital Request
You tell us what you want to build or what you want to change.

Example :
1. I want to make a website using the WpResidence theme with WpResidence Austin Demo. I need WordPress install, theme install and Austin demo import.

2. I need to change the logo and these pieces of text on front page (you send us the logo and text).

3. Add my company details.

Inital Request
You receive the estimation
Step 2
Our team gives you an estimation in hours.

Example : The estimation for the above request is 5h.
You receive the estimation
You approve the estimation
Step 3
You approve the estimation and buy a pack of hours (10h minimum at $25 - so minimum $250 ) . In this case you will spend the 5h for the approved request and you will have another 5h for future tasks.
You approve the estimation
Step 4
Our team complete the task and deliver

Tell us how we can help you!