Bay East AOR and Contra Costa AOR

Bay East A.O.R. 

The Bay East Association of Realtors (A.O.R.) is a professional San Francisco Bay Area organization. It serves real estate professionals with education, networking opportunities, and advocacy. 

The Bay East Association of Realtors (A.O.R.) is not a Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Their vision is to set the industry standard regarding leadership, innovation, professionalism, and service​​. Additionally, the Bay East Association of REALTORS® Foundation, founded in 1978, plays a philanthropic role by supporting education and charitable needs within the community. 

This role includes offering scholarships and grants to Alameda County and Contra Costa students and supporting local schools and community-related charitable organizations​​.

Contra Costa A.O.R.

The Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® (CCAR), established in 1921, is a leading trade association in the Bay Area real estate industry, renowned for its professionalism, innovation, and community leadership legacy. 

As part of the National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.) and the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.), CCAR represents a significant branch within the largest professional real estate trade association in the United States.

CCAR offers its members, comprising diverse REALTOR® and Affiliate members, a range of innovative products and resources. It gives them access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS), which is important for the local house-selling market.

What do Bay East A.O.R. and Contra Costa A.O.R. cover?

The Bay East Association of REALTORS® and the Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® (CCAR) cover distinct but overlapping areas in California’s Greater East Bay region.

  1. Bay East Association of REALTORS® Coverage: This association primarily covers Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. They collaborate with other associations, including Contra Costa and Bridge Association of REALTORS®, to provide comprehensive services and support in these counties​​​​.
  2. Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® Coverage: CCAR members can access combined listing data from Bay East Association of REALTORS®, Contra Costa Association of REALTORS®, and East Bay Regional Data, Inc. MLS. Their coverage extends across Alameda and Contra Costa Counties and includes cities in the Greater East Bay area such as Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Concord, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, and Antioch​​​​.

How can I be a member of Bay East A.O.R. and Contra Costa A.O.R.

Both Bay East A.O.R. and Contra Costa A.O.R. offer various membership options tailored to different needs within the real estate profession, including access to MLS., professional development, technological tools, and opportunities for community involvement. 

Each association provides a unique set of benefits and services designed to support the growth and success of its members in the real estate industry.

Bay East Association of REALTORS® Membership:

  1. REALTOR® – Primary Membership: This requires working for a Bay East Designated REALTOR®/Broker member and being licensed by the California Department of Real Estate (D.R.E.). Members also receive membership in the California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) and the National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R.)​​.
  2. Membership for Existing REALTORS®: If you are a primary member of another REALTOR® association, you can join Bay East, with your only cost being the Bay East annual membership dues​​.
  3. MLS Only Membership: This option is available if you only need MLS access and does not include any REALTOR® benefits​​.
  4. Platinum Affiliate Membership: For individuals engaged in actual estate-related activities who do not qualify for REALTOR® membership​​.
  5. Co-op Key Membership: For active Supra® keyholders through data share partners, providing access to Bay East key coverage area​​lockboxes.
  6. Honorary Membership: Granted to members with a history of outstanding service to Bay East, C.A.R., and N.A.R​​.
  7. Clerical, Assistant, or Secretary Membership: For individuals performing administrative and clerical tasks under the supervision of a Bay East MLS member​​

Join Bay East Association of REALTORS

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Contra Costa Association of REALTORS® Membership:

To join as a member:

  1. Fill out and sign the Membership Form. If you’re a Sales Agent, your Broker must sign, too.
  2. Send the form to [email protected].
  3. After they process your form, they’ll email you to pay dues and set up a 30-minute phone session, Monday to Friday, 9 am-4 pm. They’ll explain the benefits and how to use their websites and apps.

Before the session:

  • If switching from another group, bring a Letter of Good Standing.
  • Have a laptop or device for accessing real estate websites.
  • Use a phone to install the Supra eKEY® app.

During the session:

  • Expect it to take 30 minutes.
  • You’ll make login details for various real estate websites.
  • Learn about training videos and resources.
  • Find out about events and classes.
  • Get links to important rules, bylaws, and ethics codes, and check your email for these links.

Join Contra Costa Association of REALTORS

How to make a website with Bay East A.O.R. and Contra Costa A.O.R listings.

The best way to create a website with MLS listings from these associations is to use WordPress, one of the best real estate themes: WpResidence and MLS import plugin.  

Here is a general guide about how you can build a MLS website with WordPress:

  1. Set Up Hosting and Domain: Choose a reliable web hosting service that supports WordPress.Register a domain name that reflects your website’s purpose.
  2. Install WordPress: Install WordPress on your hosting account. Most hosting services offer an easy one-click installation process for WordPress.
  3. Choose and Install WPResidence Theme: Purchase the WPResidence theme, which is designed for real estate websites. Install the theme in your WordPress dashboard by going to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme. Then, upload the theme’s .zip file.
  4. Configure WPResidence Theme: Follow the setup wizard to configure basic settings once the theme is activated. Customize the theme according to your needs. WPResidence offers various customization options, including layouts, color schemes, header and footer options, etc.
  5. Install MLSimport Plugin: Sign up for the MLSimport plugin – you get 30-day free trials & cancel your membership anytime. Install the Plugin in your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Upload the Plugin’s .zip file and activate it.
  6. Configure MLSimport Plugin: Connect the Plugin to your MLS provider. You will need a RESO API access key feed that you can get by signing up at This usually requires an agreement with the MLS providers and might involve additional fees. Set up the import criteria and mapping. MLSimport lets you map MLS data fields to your website’s fields, ensuring the listings display correctly.
  7. Import Listings: Run the import process to bring listings onto your website. The MLSimport plugin will automate this process, and you can choose what types of listings you want to import.
  8. Regularly Update Listings: Set up automatic updates for your listings to ensure your website always displays the latest information.
  9. Compliance and Legal Considerations: Make sure you comply with all legal requirements, including copyright laws and real estate advertising regulations. MLS systems often have strict rules about how their data can be used and displayed.
  10. Test and Launch: Before going live, you should thoroughly test your website and make sure all features work as expected. Once everything is set, launch your website.

Maintaining a real estate website with MLS listings involves ongoing management, including regular updates, security checks, and performance optimization. Additionally, engaging with a professional web developer or a consultant with experience in real estate websites can be very beneficial, especially for handling technical aspects like MLS integration.

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