Why are RESO API and Data Dictionary important?

Until very recently, each MLS decided what the data structure was within their MLS database, which made it challenging to create multi-MLS real estate applications. However, MLS groups have made massive progress in standardizing data. It all began in 1999 with RETS or the Real Estate Transaction Standard, which sought to standardize data transfers between […]

How MLS benefits from RESO Data Standards

Since its release back in 1999, RETS or Real Estate Transaction Standard was the best technology available for MLSs in the real estate industry. Nowadays, RESO or the Real Estate Standards Organization is the norm, providing MLSs with the technology to enable safe, fast, and seamless data transfers between different systems. All MLSs owned by […]

How are RESO API and RETS feed different?

If you’re familiar with real estate technology standards, you might have heard or used RETS and RESO already. Since the RETS concent appeared back in 1999, it went through many updates to improve. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough to keep up with modern technology. The time has come to replace with a better, more flexible, and […]

RESO Standard Explained in Detail

RESO or the Real Estate Standards Organization provides developers with a means to build faster, accurate, and more scalable technology for all their real estate customers, big or small. MLSs around the United States and Canada are conforming to RESO standards, thus making it easier for developers and agencies to develop products and offer services […]

What are IDX, MLS, RETS and RESO API

Nowadays, building a stunning real estate website is the natural part. Populating it quickly with different listings or importing them is the real challenge web developers and realtors have to face. If you’re a real estate agent, a freelancer, or an agency, you might have some trouble with importing listings quickly to your client’s website. […]